About... Me?

...I'm Avery, also known as fishguts, also known as tempehofdoom (because I love tempeh, and because I love Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I named this website after the latter because a website, like a temple, is a place you visit.).

RPG Class:


Weapon Of Choice: Way too clich├ęd and pretentious to say 'pen', so I'll say 'scythe' instead.

Companions: A goat-like dog who recently went blind, and a cat named Leia, after the princess.



Personality: ENFP, Gemini, if that means anything.

Rule of Threes

Three Things I Love Doing: Writing, reading, and drawing.

Three Words I Love Writing: "Helix", "esoteric", and "charm".

Three Genres I Love Reading: Fantasy, science fiction, crime.

Three Implements With Which I Love Drawing: COPIC markers, dip pens, cakeform watercolours.

Three More Things I Love Doing: Cosplaying, taking photos, roller-skating.

Three Places I Like Visiting: The second-hand bookstore, the electronics store, the museum.

Three Foods I Like Eating: Tempeh (obviously), oatmeal, PB&J sandwiches.

Three Liquids I Like Drinking: Ito-En-brand bottled green tea, camomile tea, water?

Three Books I Love Re-Reading: (Not necessarily my absolute favourite books, mind.) Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones, The Word Spy by Ursula Dubosarsky, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

Three Manga Series I Can't Stop Re-Reading: Bakuman. (I am right now re-reading it in full for the eighth time), Death Note, and Hanazakari no Kimitachi he (also known as Hana-Kimi).

Three Movies I Don't Mind Re-Watching (because I don't really like watching movies in general): Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Blade Runner, and Speed Racer.

Three Animals I Just Love: Bunnies, rabbits, and hares.

Three Video-Games I Loved Playing/Love Re-playing: (I can't say "the entire Professor Layton" series, so...) Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, Final Fantasy VII, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Favourite Television Shows/Anime: (Not a Top Three list, because there aren't that many anyways. I don't watch much of either. I'll only watch an anime if either way too many people who know me really well have recommended it to me, or if it's based on a manga/video-game series I really like.) So the anime I've watched and would watch again are: Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Death Note.

...and television shows? David Tennant-era Doctor Who, and Law & Order: SVU as it was before the cops started getting into baby-sitting.

Three CDs I Like Playing On Repeat: Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears, A Night to Remember by Cyndi Lauper, and The Doors' self-titled album. (And, for good measure, Three Musicians Whose Entire Discography I Like Listening To: Trent Reznor, Karen Carpenter, James Mercer.)

Three Things I Despise: Pretentiousness, cold weather, and pop music.